Downing Fives Ways to get Bible

Five Ways to Get the Word of God Into Our Lives
Jim Downing

I. Introduction

A. Getting the Word of God into our lives changes us.

B. God’s word is extremely important. (Psalm 138:2)

1. Those with little access to a Bible have shown great reverence for the book.

2. It contains wisdom, salvation and guidance for holiness.

II. We need to feed on the Word to be healthy Christians.

A. The first way we are fed: we need to hear it as often as we can. Faith comes by hearing. (Nehemiah; Romans 10:17)

  1. This is, however, the weakest way we are fed.
  2. It only creates an appetite for the listener to enjoying it fully. (Acts 17:11)
  3. This is the method used the most and is unfortunately often the only one.

B. The other way we are fed: reading. (Revelation 1:30; 1 Timothy 4:13)

  1. The value of food is not confined to memorizing the menu.
  2. In feeding on the word whether it takes root or not, it gives us health or strength.

III. We need to study the Word to be intelligent Christians.

A. We remember 35% of what we study. (2 Timothy 2:25; John 5:39)

B. There are three truths in Scripture: that for Jews, Gentiles, and the Church – we are to rightly divide these. (1 Corinthians 10:31)

C. The biggest difference in studying is using pencil and paper.

D. Three requirements of a good Bible study: original investigation, written reproduction of your study, and personal application.

  1. Personal victory in times of testing and times of need. The Holy Spirit takes the memorized word to prick our consciences in times when we stray.
  2. Spiritual contact with others. Scripture memory gives authority.

V. We need to meditate on the Word to be spiritual Christians.

A. We are to meditate in the Scripture both day and night. (Psalm 1)

B. We can only do this by using the unconscious mind – spending the last five minutes of the day in the Word and the first part of the day.

V. Application.

A. We are admonished to do the Word and not only hear it. (James 1:22)

B. It is not possible for a man to pass by a mirror and forget what they saw – looking into the Word sincerely and it will change you.

C. To remain just as you are is probably the greatest curse.

D. What is your plan for mastering the English Bible?

VII. Conclusion.

  1. Few are the Christians who have a regular and consistent balanced intake of the Word of God.
  2. Every morning the Devil starts the day before you do and starts plotting ways to keep you from the Word of God.
  3. The Devil knows how important the Word is to the Christian and the person who has won this battle has won a major victory.

Application questions.

  1. What are the four reasons to get into God’s Word? What are the three ways to get into it?



  1. What is the significance of being healthy, intelligent, skillful, and spiritual Christians? Is one more important than the other? Why or why not?



  1. What is your plan for mastering the Bible? Write down some goals you have for absorbing God’s Word and share them with another believer.



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