Aclaraciones sobre la Salvación y el Calvinismo


1. Does man participate in his salvation? Yes. It is called faith.

2. Can man be saved without God? No.

3. Is this participation a “good work” that gives him salvation? No.

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A good work is something a person exchanges for his salvation. What faith is, is the belief in the word and promises of God that one will save you.

4. Can anyone be saved without faith? No. The Bible doesn’t present this at all.

5. Does saving faith originate with God or with man? With man.

6. Does this participation make man the author or originator of salvation? No.

7. Does God participate, create, or encourage saving faith? Yes. God has provided us with the object of saving faith. Without that, no faith would save. This object is Jesus crucified.

8. Are we incapable of any good thing? No. God makes it abundantly clear that there is human behavior that pleases him. This is a good thing. Good things do not mean one can be saved by them. Good things mean that God sees these things with favor or divine pleasure. There are verses that present conduct (morality) that please God. We do them, God is pleased, it is a good work. To deny that humans can do anything to please God removes all motive for doing anything, and this is satanic, and has demons behind it.

9. What does our good works do for us? They do not save us, but they bring us into a closer communion with God, bringing God’s blessings and protection upon us.

10. Is faith in Jesus Christ as your Saviour a good work? To hear Calvinists tell it (reading their comments on Total Depravity) faith would be a good work to them. Faith is not a work at all, but is a disposition or attitude in relation to God. Faith in Jesus saves. This cannot be denied as biblical nor can it be refuted as somehow being evil, worthless, or of no account spiritually.

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